~ Books for Children & Teens ~

Sheila Llanas sitting on her porch with geraniums

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Educational Materials

I write projects for Literature and Language Arts textbooks and ancillary materials for K-12 and College.

Romance Stories and Novels

I am an aspiring romance novelist! I’ve published several romantic stories in Woman’s World magazine, “Blame it on Kirby,” “The Scene in the Snow Globe,” “A Change in the Weather,” and “The Missed Bus.”

Magazine and Newspaper Articles

Christian Science Monitor , Home Forum essay about finding a signed copy of In the Clearing in a used bookstore: “Robert Frost: A Piece of the Man

Food articles, Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, including, “What to Eat When There’s Nothing to Eat,” “Cooking Unplugged,” “Grocery Store Gourmet,” and “Get Saucy”


“A Walk Around the Pond” published in American Poetry Review, Jan. / Feb. 2004